September 18, 2020

South Dakota Department of Health. Click Here for Information on COVID-19.Photo of Badlands Scenery.The county is entirely within the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and contains part of Badlands National Park. It is an alcohol prohibition or dry county; taxes on alcohol consumed within the county go to other counties.

Oglala Lakota County is one of two counties in South Dakota that does not have its own county seat (Todd County is the other). Hot Springs in neighboring Fall River County serves as its administrative center. It is also one of five South Dakota counties that are entirely on an Indian reservation. (The others are Corson, Dewey, Todd, and Ziebach.) [Article: Why Does a Reservation County also have a County Government?]

Oglala Lakota County was renamed in May of 2015, originally it had been named Shannon County. Until 1982 Oglala Lakota and Washabaugh County, South Dakota, were the last unorganized counties in the United States. Although it was organized and received a home rule charter that year, Oglala Lakota County, as noted above, contracts with Fall River County for its Auditor, Treasurer, Director of Equalization, State’s Attorney and Registrar of Deeds.

Election Map

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Courthouse Closed – Labor Day

The Fall River & Oglala Lakota County courthouse in Hot Springs will be closed in observance of Labor Day on Monday September 7th, 2020. The courthouse will resume normal hours on Tuesday September 8th, 2020.

Courthouse Closed – 4th Of July

The County Courthouse in Hot Springs will be closed on Thursday July 3rd, 2020 in observance of the holiday. Normal hours of 8am – 5pm will resume Monday July 6th, 2020.


5:02:09:01.01.  Notice of testing automatic tabulating equipment. The notice of testing the automatic tabulating equipment shall be in the following form: NOTICE OF TESTING AUTOMATIC TABULATING EQUIPMENT Notice is hereby given that the automatic tabulating equipment will be tested to ascertain that it will correctly count the votes for all offices and measures that are to […]

Absentee Voter Applications Going Out

The South Dakota Secretary of State office will be mailing absentee ballot applications to all South Dakota registered voters.  The applications will be mailed between April 17-24.  Voters are encouraged to complete their application as soon as possible to allow for delivery and processing time.  Fall River and Oglala Lakota voters should send their application […]

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