June 19, 2024

Weed & Pest

List of Current Board and Community Members
List of Noxious Weeds and Pests
Noxious Weeds of South Dakota Publication
2010 Adult Grasshopper Density

Weed Control Information
Noxious Weed Control: 2011
Noxious and Pasture Weed Control Information
Purple Loosestrife in South Dakota

Landowners by township and range


Additional Information Links

https://sdda.sd.gov/ South Dakota Department of Agriculture
www.sdweedandpest.com SD Weed & Pest Board
www.state.sd.us/doa/das SD Dept. of Ag. Services Programs

The Oglala Lakota County Weed and Pest Board is responsible for developing a program for the prevention, suppression, and eradication of weeds and pests in Oglala Lakota County.  The heart of this weed and pest program is based on a foundation both of volunteers serving on the county board and a weed and pest supervisor who is employed to carry out the program to maintain a successful weed and pest program.   It is critical to have citizens actively participate and provide leadership.  Although laws have been created to enforce noxious weed control, programs strive for voluntary participation by all citizens, so that all participate in stopping the spread of invasive pests into the habitats we all enjoy.   The treatments of noxious weed invasion are continuous.



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