March 28, 2020

Circuit Court

The Circuit Court Judge serving Fall River and Oglala Lakota Counties rotate within the circuit to serve Fall River for a one year term, serving Jan 1-Dec 31.

Circuit Court Schedule for 2018 (dates are subject to change; if you have a court appointment, you should always verify the date and time with the Clerk of Courts office, 745-5131):

JAN 12th 26th
FEB 9th 23rd
MAR 16th 23rd
APR 6th 27th
MAY 4th 18th
JUN 8th 15th  29th
JUL 6th 13th 27th
AUG 10th 24th
SEP 7th 21st
OCT 5th 19th
NOV 2nd  16th  30th
DEC 7th 21st

*Updated 1/13/2018

Two parking lots exist: beside the courthouse to the north next to the jail; and across the street.  Do not park in the parking lot across the street marked for the Braun Hotel as this parking lot is for hotel business only and vehicles may be towed.

You are reminded when entering the courthouse that you may be screened.  Additionally, it is illegal to bring knives or weapons into a courthouse.  To avoid delay, leave all pocketknives, multi-tool pliers, chemical and pepper spray, weapons, or unneeded items in your car.

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