October 27, 2020

Veterans Service Officer

The Veterans Service Officer is here to help Veterans with disability and pension claims, education benefits, home loans, burial benefits, general health care questions, veterans state bonus awards, as well as any other veteran-related questions.

South Dakota Department of the Military and Department of Veterans Affairs
Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors (Downloadable)
Health Care Information
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration  – Military Service Record Request
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The Veteran’s Service Officer’s office is currently located off Hwy 18 behind the old moccasin factory but will soon be moving to a location on Hwy 18 across from the new hospital.


VSO: Jerlene Arredondo
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8AM to Noon
Please call for appointment times outside regular office hours.
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