April 21, 2024

Deadline – Assessment Appeal

The deadline to appeal your property assessment value is Tuesday, April 3rd.   Assessment appeal forms must be mailed or filed with the county auditor by that date.

What are grounds for an appeal?

  • Inaccuracies on your property record (You have one bath, not two. You have a carport, not a garage. Your house’s square footage is incorrect.)
  • You have evidence that properties similar to your own have sold for less than the assessment value of your property.
  • The assessment value of your property is higher than the assessment value of similar properties in your neighborhood.

The assessment value of your property affects the taxes you will be responsible for next year.  It is not possible to appeal your taxes only your assessment value.  Dates for appealing and forms are available here or with the Director of Equalization’s office at 1029 N River St, Hot Springs.

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