April 21, 2024

Ag Status Deadline – November 1st

If you purchased land this year in Oglala Lakota County and want the land to have agricultural status you must return an Ag Status Form to the Director of Equalization office by November 1st.  This form is necessary even if you have other agricultural land already in the county or if the land previously had Ag status.

Agricultural status forms need to be on file for each parcel owned and must be updated with a change in ownership.

Form can be filed online or you can contact the Director of Equalization’s office at 605-745-5136 or [email protected]

Why do I want Ag Status?  Land classified as Agricultural land is assessed according to a productivity formula instead of having its assessed value based on selling price.  The productivity formula tends have values much lower than those based on selling price.  In addition, lands classified as Ag receive a lower school mill levy (tax rate).

Requirements for Ag Status:

For land to be classified as agricultural the primary and main use of the land must be devoted to agricultural pursuits, such as the harvesting of crops or the raising of livestock.

In addition the land must meet either an acreage requirement or a minimum income.

  • Oglala Lakota County’s minimum acreage requirement is 160 acres.
  • If the land does not meet the acreage criteria, then a minimum gross income of at least $2,500 must be shown to have come from an agricultural pursuit in three of the previous five years.


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