March 2, 2024

Check Your Winter Survival Kit

Time to put a winter survival kit back in your vehicles if you removed it for the summer.  It is also a good time to make sure that the kit has everything you will need.   Especially important is to check that medicine in the first aid kit and any food has not expired. Even if you do not make long trips, put a winter survival kit in each vehicle–you may need it if your car breaks down or you have an accident.  It should contain the following:

  • a windshield scraper
  • jumper cables
  • tool kit
  • tow chain or rope, tire chains
  • bag of sand or cat litter
  • shovel
  • flashlight with extra batteries
  • first aid kit
  • warm boots, coat, hat, gloves
  • a blanket, sleeping bags,
  • a portable radio
  • high-calorie nonperishable food
  • matches and candles
  • large metal cans for sanitary purposes or burning candles (coffee or baby formula cans work well)
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