May 26, 2024


Changes for the Treasurer’s Office
Effective February 1st, 2024 changes are coming to the Oglala Lakota County Treasurer’s office regarding the titling & registering of vehicles. Those changes are as follows:
* Must have photo identification in the form of Driver’s license, State issued ID., Tribal ID. or passport to title vehicles, register vehicles or for the processing of any paperwork regarding motor vehicles.
* Customers who have an out of State driver’s license/State ID. or are using a passport, you will need to bring in your social security card, W2 or a non-expired Tribal ID with your full social security number to title vehicles.
* If you are titling a vehicle and are an Oglala Sioux Tribal member living in Oglala Lakota County at the time you purchased the vehicle, you are required to bring either your Tribal ID. or blood degree to be eligible for the tribal tax exemption. We will no longer process vehicles using the tribal tax exemption if Tribal ID or blood degree letter are not provided at time of visit.
** These changes are to prevent blocks/stops/collections on your vehicle accounts.

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