April 21, 2024



Ag Status Review

Online Ag Status Form available: click here.  Form will have a ‘Stop’ warning until July 1st but you can ignore this and fill it out anyway.

Please remember the following when filling out the form online:

  1. IF you have more than 160 acres you DO NOT need to fill out Section 2.
  2. Under Principle Use on the attached list please be specific as to the type of animal or crop. Do NOT put ‘agriculture’.  We need to know what type of agriculture you are doing.
Correct Answer examples Wrong Answer examples
Grazing Cattle

Grazing Horses *


Alfalfa Hay

Grass Hay

Winter Wheat

Rotation Grain Crops

Leased – cattle grazing

Leased – wheat

Timber **

Bee Hives


Grazing (without listing the animal)



Preserving for Nature


*If horses are your main grazing animal, we will need to contact you to ask some additional questions

**If you are applying for Ag status for having timber you must have a timber plan for harvesting your trees

  1. It is important we have a phone number or email to contact you in case there are any questions about the answers you submitted.

Ag Status Form Deadline is November 1st.


Ag Adjustment Review

Please turn in your Ag Status forms before applying for Ag Soil Adjustments.  Deadline for turning in the Ag Soil Adjustment Application is August 31st.

The Ag Soil Adjustment Application must be filled out online. Application available here. This form is difficult for most landowners to fill out. Our office can provide assistance, please contact our office for an appointment. 605-745-5136 or [email protected]

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