June 18, 2021

Late Start – Winter Weather

The Fall River & Oglala Lakota County courthouse will have a two hour late start on Monday,  March 15th due to the winter storm. This may be extended to a full day closure should weather continue.

Assessment Notice Mailed

Oglala Lakota County assessment notices were mailed on Friday, February 26th.  Residents of Oglala Lakota County should expect to see their assessment notice arrive this week.  If you do not receive your notice please contact the Director of Equalization’s office at 605-745-5136 or [email protected] .

Things to check on your assessment notice:

  • Value – the value should indicate what your property would sell for on the open market.  If you feel this number does not represent your properties value you have a short window of time to appeal this value. Check out the Appeal Deadline page and contact the Director of Equalization’s office at the contact information above.
  • Class – There are three properties classes in South Dakota: OO – owner occupied (this is for your primary residence), AG – agricultural properties, NA – non-agricultural properties (this includes everything else including commercial).  The class code shows up between the school district and acre/lot information.
  • Name, Legal, Acreage – Particularly if there have been changes such as sales or new plats on your property this year it is a good idea to check the basic information on the assessment notice to insure that no typos have been made along with the changes.

If any of the above information needs correction or if you have questions please contact the Director of Equalization’s office at 605-745-5136 or [email protected]

Remember that it is not possible to appeal your taxes, only your assessment value can be appealed.  When the tax bill is published next January for these values it will be too late to make corrections to values.

Courthouse Closed – Presidents’ Day

The Fall River/Oglala Lakota County Courthouse will be closed on Monday, February 15, 2020 in observance of Presidents’ Day. Normal business hours will resume on Tuesday, February 16, 2020.

Veterans Service Officer is Working, Building is Closed

The Oglala Lakota Veterans Service Officer is working, however, the tribal building in which the office is located is currently closed to the public.  If you need assistance please call to set up an appointment, 605-867-2555.  Office hours are 10AM to 2PM, Monday to Friday.

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