May 26, 2024


Assessment Notices are mailed each year by March 1st. Property owners need to verify that all of the information on the assessment notice is correct, such as the legal description, number of acres, owner’s name, and address. Another thing to verify is the property classification. If we have made any changes in class such as owner occupied, AG, non-AG, commercial; this assessment notice is your official notification of such changes.  Anyone who does not receive their notice within the first week of March, or finds information that needs to be corrected, should contact the Equalization Office at 745-5136.

By law, all counties in South Dakota must demonstrate to the Department of Revenue each year that the assessed values are between 85% and 100% of fair market value based on the sales of properties in the county. We have completed a countywide reassessment of all deeded properties in Oglala Lakota County this year in order to attain this goal.

The Department of Equalization is responsible for assessing and valuing property in a fair and equitable manner. If a property owner feels that their assessed value is greater than market value, please contact the Equalization Office so the property can be reviewed. You will find information on the appeal process at the bottom of your assessment notice.

The 2023 appeal deadline is March 16 for the Batesland Local Boards, and April 4 for the rest of the County. REMEMBER, you cannot appeal your tax bill. Taxes are billed a year behind. You must appeal in March if you do not agree with your VALUE. Anyone having questions regarding the assessment process can find additional information on our website – or you can contact the Equalization Office at 745-5136.

We have included a Building Notification Form, the green sheet, with the Assessment Notice. Please use this form if you have made changes to any structures on your property. You may also come into the DOE office, call or go online to complete this form.

The link below provide additional information on:

Mon – Fri; 8:00am – 5:00pm

(It is best to call before 4:30 in order to have time for your questions to be answered. If the assessors are currently with other customers the clerk will ask you for a call back time, all requests will be answered in the order they arrive.)

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