April 21, 2024

Shannon County Redistricting

Why are we redistricting in Shannon County? Population changes over the last thirty years have made the current commissioner districts unequal. Unequal populations mean that votes in some districts ‘count’ less than those in other districts. This problem is relieved by making district population as equal as possible.

How were the new lines decided? The 2010 census blocks and population figures were used to determine the current populations in each district. These census block populations were also used when deciding how to shift population from one district to another. Roads, being an easy and obvious landmark, were used as boundaries where ever possible.

What does this mean for me? The map below shows the new voting precinct lines (green). Also show are the areas affected by this change. Those in red have changed their polling place and district. This means you will need to go to a different location (polling place) to vote and you will be represented by a different commissioner. Those in blue have been moved to a new commissioner district. This means you will be represented by a different commissioner but your polling place will remain the same. Those in yellow have changed voting precincts but not commissioner districts. This means you will be voting in a different location but will still be represented by the same commissioner who currently represents you.

New Voting Precincts Map
New Commissioner Districts Map
Shannon Co Ordinance #2012-01, Commission Redistricting

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