September 20, 2017

First Half Taxes Due – April 28th

The first half of property taxes are due each year on April 30th.  This year April 30th falls on a Sunday making Friday, April 28th the last day you can pay your taxes in person and Saturday April 29th the last day to mail your payment.  Don’t let this date sneak up on you!

Good Friday – Courthouse Open

The Fall River & Oglala Lakota County Courthouse located in Hot Springs will be open on Friday, April 14th.  However, State Offices will be closed for Good Friday, which may impact services county offices provide to customers.  Services offered by the Treasurer’s office and the Register of Deeds are most likely to be impacted.

2017 Assessment Notices Mailed

The Oglala Lakota County Director of Equalization (DOE) has mailed the assessment notices for 2017.  Notices were mailed March 1st and should be received within the week.  If you do not receive your assessment notice please contact their office at 605-745-5136.

Items to check on your assessment notice:

  1. Property Class: all properties are classed as Agricultural (AG), Non-Agricultural (NA), or Owner Occupied (OO).
  2. Assessment Value: this is the value that the DOE believes you could sell this property for on the open market.
  3. Legal Description: if a new plat was filed for a property before November of 2016 check to see that the legal description was update.

If there are issues with any of the above or issues involving owner name or contact information please contact the DOE office before April 4th.

The value listed on your 2017 assessment notice will be used to compute your tax bill that will be delivered in January of 2018. Remember, it is not possible to appeal your taxes, if your assessed value is too high you must appeal NOW to get your taxes lowered for 2018.